Pass Protection Help For All Levels

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 26, 2022

Pass protection is one of the most complex aspects of football. At the higher levels, like the NFL and college football, a lot of time is dedicated to blitz pickup. Yes, you are going to see a higher level of exotic pressures at this level. That’s not the only reason though. Offensive coordinators don’t just want the pass protected. They want it protected and they want backs out into the route concept.

It’s not enough to get one or both backs out into the route. Smart passing game coordinators want three out to a side on many pass concepts. They may want to line up in an empty backfield and still be protected unless there are six rushers. If the offensive line is responsible for someone whop drops then that is a win for the defense.

We understand that a lot of pass protection at the high school level is slide, turn or gap protection. There is certainly a place for that too at any level of football. When it comes to pass protection, FirstDown PlayBook has continued to work on two fronts. We have man protection schemes for any coach who is challenged with protecting and not having the luxury of using the back on every snap. We also provide gap or turn protections.

Pass Protection Help Whatever Your NeedsAre

At the end of the day, the FirstDown PlayBook pass protection section is designed to save football coaches time. We offer a variety of pass protection drawings that you can edit for your unit. When you combine this with the FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids and the new Linemen View, you have a powerful playbook teaching tool.

Also, if you’re going to offer up as many pass plays as FirstDown PlayBook does it only makes sense that pass protection would be part of the offering too. That’s why we draw up all of our DropBack Pass protections out of multiple formations. We also design them against the main defensive fronts.

This Is Job One For An Offensive Line Coach

If you’re an offensive line coach you know that some formations makes you more vulnerable to defensive pressure than others. Also all good offensive line coaches want to know what those safeties are up to pre-snap! So if you want to see how FirstDown PlayBook can help you out with your pass protection as well as your passing game tap on the drawings in this post.