Overload 6v6 Flag Football Zone Coverage

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 23, 2023
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There are some things about football that are complicated. As you climb the levels in football you will surely find them the hard way if you are dismissive. However at every level of football, regardless of if it is the NFL or 6v6 flag football, there are some simple things to remember. How to beat zone coverage is one of them. Simply put, one way to defeat zone coverage is to flood the zones played by the defense.

We had a good conversation with a 6v6 flag football coach yesterday. (Yes, we talk to our coaches when they call). He explained that he coaches in a 6v6 flag football league no one can rush. The quarterback has four seconds to throw the ball. This means everyone is in coverage on a pass play. He also explained that most every play was a pass play.

When you play in a 6v6 flag football league like this your brain needs to immediately go to 7v7 flag football with a rusher. The numbers will be the same in regards to coverage. Your opponent will likely play either man coverage, a 3-3 defense or a 4-2 defense. The luxury you have when you play man coverage is that you have a free safety because you don’t have to use a player to rush the quarterback.

Breaking down a 6v6 flag football 4-2 zone coverage.

Too Many Flag Football Coaches Make It Harder Than It Needs To Be

Now back to the question at hand and how we would attack a 4-2 6v6 flag football defense. If we had a quarterback who could attack down the field we would do just that. We would stress the two deep safeties with at least three vertical routes. We would focus on trying to win down the middle with a vertical seam route.

Breaking down a 6v6 flag football 4-2 zone coverage.

If our quarterback was younger, less experienced with an underdeveloped arm we would try to overload the underneath zones with five receivers. This would allow our quarterback to get the ball off quickly and also utilize the short passes for high percentage completions. Your young receivers would need to understand that yards after the catch are important once they catch the short passes.

Make sense? Watch this short video to learn more and remember that FirstDown PlayBook has hundreds of flag football plays and defenses that you can edit to fit your team. Wristbands are easily made all in one place too.

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