More Pistol Wing T Installs Coming

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 18, 2021

The more you coach football the more you see that many offenses have things in common. As we begin expanding on the Pistol Wing T installs we are finding it no different. Concepts are concepts. Once you find a good one, you now have to find as many ways to do it as possible.

FirstDown PlayBook has referenced this many times with the passing game. There are so many ways to run the mesh concept. Most of the formations, shifts, motions are just window dressing. RPO’s? Pretty much the same. Once you understand the defender you are putting in an assign meant conflict, you just have to find multiple ways to do it.

The Spread Wing T offense is more of the same. It is very good stuff, but no different than the spread or wishbone offenses. Once you have the concepts down you now have to figure out how to use your personnel to create multiple ways to get it done.

The Wing T Formation Shows Up In A Lot Of Places

We installed the Bucksweep last week out of a Wing T formation that has two receivers to one side and a Tight End and Wing to the other. We call this formation Flank. You may call it something different. Check out our blog about that Pistol Wing T formation right here. Today, however, we want to run the same play out of a 3×1 formation.

Do the blocking rules change very much? Absolutely not. That is the beauty of it. There are certain advantages to having the single receiver side as your RPO read side. To start with, it simplifies the read. It also can give you more turf to work with as the read linebacker will often chew to the three receiver side.

Coaches Must Learn To Move On After You Take An L

There are other tags or adjustments on the sweep side. You can see here where we are crack blocking with the #2 receiver. This can give the “kick” guard a better angle on this play. There are other advantages to running the Buck Sweep out of this 3×1 formation. We cover those with our new Pistol Wing T installs.