Fred Warner Carries A Disruption Calling Card

By Will Cinelli on Jul 29, 2021

Fred Warner just got paid handsomely by the 49ers for his ability to disrupt plays as an interior linebacker. Let’s take a look at how that happens.

On this particular play, the Cardinals are attempting to run a Gap scheme. In this case, the 6th OL lined up as a TE has a clean shot at Warner on his gap track. And yet Warner is able to avoid the block and make the play.

It starts with excellent mental processing. Fred Warner reads the backfield action and the pulling guard. This allows Warner to know exactly what is coming. He gets over with the puller with awareness that the down block is coming.

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Once Warner recognizes what the blocker is attempting to do to him, Warner sets him up with an outside-in stutter to shake the block. Finally, he dips and rips through the block to put himself in position to make the play. Critically, he is able to stay square to the ball carrier and make the strong tackle.

It’s plays like this that make Fred Warner one of the best in the league and someone who San Francisco’s front office wanted to lock up long term.