Michigan Fake Bubble Screen Around TD

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 28, 2021

Before we dive too deep into this fake bubble screen around touchdown Michigan executed perfectly, please let us say this. We are football coaches. Any football coach that watched that game yesterday understands what happened. Over the course of the game Michigan’s offensive line imposed their will on the Buckeyes defense.

That’s taking nothing away from the Ohio State football team or their coaches. Both of these teams are very well coached and both universities are lucky to have the coaching staffs that they have. Yesterday though was Michigan’s day and the offensive line played very physically to take the game over by the end.of the contest.

The play we chose to feature today was the first touchdown of the day for Michigan. OC Josh Gaddis and his staff did an excellent job of creating the illusion of a bubble screen to the boundary. Plays like this often look good on the great board but the execution breaks down on the field. Not this time. This fake bubble screen around was executed very well.

Buckeyes Create Time For Explosive TD

When Michigan quarterback, Cade McNamara motions #7 Donovan Edwards to the boundary this sells the play to that side. All four skill players are lined up to that side. The only player to the field #5 Mike Sainristil had man or press coverage and the Wolverines ended up using that to their advantage too. Sainristil did a good job of bluffing a block and then outside releasing. The corner never knew what was going on until it was too late.

Bang On The Drawing To See The Video Clip Of Michigan’s Fake Bubble Screen Around

McNamara fakes the throw and the bubble side linebacker takes off. One less defender to block. The play side end and linebacker are outflanked before they know it. After that, it was a foot race to the end zone between #3 AJ Henning and the Ohio State linebacker. One that Henning ended up winning.