Buckeyes Create Time For Explosive TD

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 21, 2021

There are times you are game planning when you absolutely know you can run right through coverage against your opponent if… The if is often times “if we can protect for that long to push the ball down the field.” The Ohio State Buckeyes created time for an explosive against Michigan Sate on this play yesterday.

Our guess is they knew that their sensational wideout Chris Olave would have a great chance to run right through the Michigan State secondary. In fact, they may have felt that way about several of their receivers as they hit the Spartans on several explosives early in the game.

Here are some of the things that jumped out at us about how the Buckeyes created time and deception on this touchdown. First it is 2nd & 3 from the Michigan State 43 hardline. Perfect for a play action shot. OSU shifted the back from out left to the backfield. Everything about the way the Spartans adjusted to this said it was zone coverage. There was no guarantee, but this meant that there probably was not going to be defensive pressure.

Check Out This Michigan Fake Bubble Screen Around

After the shift, they now bring #5, Garrett Wilson into motion. By the time the ball is snapped it looks like a Double Wing or Wing T type formation. The three offensive players in the backfield create a lot of misdirection with the run play fake. This does two things.

The Buckeyes Did Several Things To Create Time For This Explosive TD

First, it freezes the linebackers and safeties for just a moment. The defensive line also got the feel of a run as the offensive line came off aggressively on them. Finally, #34, Mitch Rossi pulls across the formation and it looks like he might be wrapping to be a lead blocker. Not so fast. He becomes an additional pass protector. All of this combined helps create the time for quarterback CJ Straud to launch it.

Make no mistake about it. This was a one man home run play. The backside tight end releases but he had one job. Prevent the backside safety from getting getting involved on this play. He does that. This ball gets thrown sixty some yards in the air. Olave catches the ball on the far hash mark in the back of the end zone.

This play took forever but the Buckeye coaches knew all of that when they called it. Just a side note. Olave broke the Ohio State school record for most touchdown catches with his catch. Quite a feat! Bang on the drawing below to watch the actual play.