Know The Secondary Coverage? Attack It.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 6, 2020

Every now and then you line up against a team and you are pretty certain what secondary coverage they are going to play. They play one or two coverages and they play them very well.

Your job is to find enough sound, concrete ways to attack that coverage without being too predictable. You also don’t want to have a bloated game plan that you can’t execute come game time.

The FirstDown PlayBook coverage beater was created just for this and situations like this. We were at a 7on7 tournament one summer and a former college defensive back who was a very good player said this. “Coach, I usually know what secondary coverage they are going to play. I need a place I can go to that has pass plays designed to beat that coverage.”

Don’t Forget The Blocking Scheme DropDowns

Thus the FirstDown PlayBook Coverage Beaters section was born. We sometimes worry that we have so much information in FirstDown PlayBook that some of it gets overlooked. This is one of those sections.

So take a moment today and watch this short video. It will help you quickly get to passing game ideas that will be very helpful as you navigate next football season.