Kickoff Coverage Stack & Fold Technique

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 19, 2021

One of the things you will learn if you coach football long enough is that there are a lot of different ways to say the same thing. What is important is that you say it the same way to your players on a consistent basis. Teaching kickoff coverage is not excluded.

We had a great question from a coach yesterday about our terminology we are using for kickoff coverage. He was asking about the terminology we use to coach the ones.

We use the terms 1. “Stack & Fold” 2. “Fold & Stack” 3. “Fold” throughout our detailed coaching points. What it gets down to is coaching your R1 and L1 to recognize ball to and ball away. Your kickoff coverage is predicated on everyone seeing the same thing . The assignments come from seeing the same keys.

After they do this, the kickoff coverage terminology begins to kick in. This helps you give your ones a sound technique and responsibility. It also insures that your ones do not become spectators on this important special teams play.

This also allows your twos to play full speed. This aggressive play forces the return team to commit early. This gives your stack and fold players a chance to see what is going on early in the play.

Take a look right here as we explain. If you are a young special teams coach, this will help you.