Kansas State 3×1 Counter For 6!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 31, 2022
All 22 Tuesday

Anyone who saw the 48-0 shellacking that Kansas State put on Oklahoma State coming before the game this past Saturday please raise your hand. Okay, thank you. Now we know that any of you who put your hand up is someone we cannot trust to tell the truth. No one saw that coming, not even in the K-State locker room.

To suggest the Wildcats could or would win was not a stretch. However, the fashion that it went down was pretty incredible. Keep in mind that Kansas State was playing with their backup quarterback against Oklahoma State as well.

There are plenty of plays that we could highlight for today’s All 22 Tuesday feature. We chose this one because we try to look for plays that almost any high school could use, as well as a college football team. There is nothing out of the ordinary about this counter into the boundary.

What we like about it is how the Wildcats got to the play. They are in 11 personnel and the tight end (19) is attached to the boundary. It is 2nd & 10, which puts a run or pass call in play. KSU lines up in a 3×1 formation to the field. Oklahoma State has to defend any three man route combination and screen to the field.

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The Wildcats motion the #2 receiver inside. When you watch the video, notice the sense of urgency with how he comes inside. Keep in mind that this receiver is 6’1 and 205 pounds. He could be coming down to pin a second level defender. He could go across the formation to create a 2×2 set.

A player of this size could even be used to create a 2 back set for any one of several run or play action pass plays. This is why his tempo and sense of urgency matters. What he ended up doing was to become the backside cutoff block for the counter into the boundary. When you do the math you will see why this is the key to the play. The numbers tilt in KSU’s favor unless someone else fits in the box.

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Once #85 comes inside and creates the seventh blocker, this forces OSU to get another defender in the box as well. The safety (#6) comes down but fills outside of the box. This counter actually bends all the way back to the field and the Cowboys are short on defenders. 58 yards later, Kansas State is up to a 14-0 lead in the game.

As you watch the video, think about how you are teaching motion with your receivers, tight ends and running backs. If you can impress upon them the importance of a little tempo with your shifts and motions, you can have a chance for results like this Kansas State counter.

Calvert HS Rick Snead