Pete Carroll’s Offense Has Plenty Of Wing T In It

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 7, 2022
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Please allow us to start by saying that Pete Carroll is a great football coach. Not your every day great that you see overused on someone who called a good trick play either. We mean that Pete Carroll is a an eventual Hall of Fame coach just like Belichick and Reid. This Wing T based 4 minute boot that we feature today is just one play from Sunday’s game. We could have chosen many others.

The reason we chose this play was that it was set up by many other Wing T and FlexBone types of runs throughout the afternoon. This was not the first bootleg pass of the day by any stretch of the imagination either. For any football coach watching the game it was kind of the clincher or the icing on the cake. Arizona saw a ton of misdirection runs and passes all day.

Click Below To Watch The 4 Minute Play Pete Carroll & His Staff Dialed Up

This play was called late in the game, when all NFL teams who have a lead want to move the chains. Many cannot because their game plan up to that point has been all spread and throwing the ball. On 1st & 10 from their own 15 yard line, with a 24-21 lead, they called this play. It fit perfectly into the variety of Wing T style plays they had run all day. It provided a 50 yard chunk play that was essentially a safe run.

Look, Geno Smith is a good quarterback. Russell Wilson is a good quarterback and has been for awhile now. Neither are Brady or Mahomes. Pete Carroll and his staff have done a fantastic job of understanding the tools they have to work with. If they try to drop back the majority of the time with this offense, bad things are going to happen.

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The game plan that we saw Sunday allowed the Seattle offense to stay on the field a lot. Their offense was on the field for almost 35 minutes. That meant that the defense was not getting worn out chasing Murray around anymore than normal as well. The offense ran the ball 34 times and passed the ball 34 times. Of course, we understand that coordinators Waldron and Hurt had a huge hand in this.

However, everything about that game, and really the Seattle season so far has Pete Carroll’s brand on it. The brand of a coach who has seen a lot of snaps and understands that the object is to win the football game. This is why he has his Seattle team on top of the NFC West regardless of how early it is.

Our guess is that this team only gets better. If you want to beat them, you will have to do just that because they rarely beat themselves. After all, that is the quality of a team coached by a future NFL Hall of Fame coach, isn’t it?

Mike Cross