John Madden Documentary On Christmas Day

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 24, 2021

“Coaching isn’t work. It’s more than a job. It’s a way of life…no one should go into coaching unless he couldn’t live without it…Football is what I am. I didn’t go into it to make a living or because I enjoyed it. There is much more to it than just enjoying it. I am totally consumed by football, totally involved. I’m not into gardening…or any other hobbies. I don’t fish or hunt. I’m in football.”


There is a lot to this guy John Madden. Just reading this anyone who is a football coach can relate to some degree. After all of these years there are alternate ways to coach, there are exceptions and yes, even imitations.

Here is what we like about John Madden. He understood that there was more to it than coaches and players. We are not sure he always understood that or when he understood it, but he figured it out. He figured it out in a very big way.

John Madden understood that all fans want to play or coach. We are not going to claim we know how it all went down. However, we will say that EA Sports and John Madden has given more people a chance to experience coaching than ever before. Is it perfect? Of course not. It never will be. Although we have not even scratched the surface with fan interaction with a live football game. John Madden has changed how the public sees the game of football.

There is a Fox special on John Madden tomorrow. As a kid from the 1960’s, I will be watching to remember the glory days of the Oakland Raiders. I will also be watching to lean more about how one man’s vision could change our game of football and how we will see it in the future. So before the two NFL games tomorrow, we think this will be a great primer!