Jet Sweep Option Trick Play

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 19, 2022
More Trick Plays Like This Jet Sweep Option Play Here On FirstDown PlayBook

Our short video today is of one of the many trick plays we have on FirstDown PlayBook. It’s a cool little gadget off of a crack sweep to a 3 man bunch. It’s part End around, part jet sweep and yes, part option. More on this Jet Sweep Option trick play in a second.

Before that though we want to point out that one of the hard things about being FirstDown PlayBook is that we wish we had more time for more content. There are several things that go into this. The biggest thing is that this is not our main focus here at FirstDown PlayBook.

It has been said many times here. We do not want to coach your football team. We want to help you coach it better. Yes, you will find more content on FirstDown Playbook than anywhere else in the world. That’s just the truth. However, what you will also find is that there is a large variety of content. Tackle football, flag football, 6 man football, offense, defense, special teams…You get the picture.

Another aspect of what we do is that we try to be more detailed than what you see on a twitter post. Why? Because you coach in the real world. If you get to play a team that is only going to run one front against you then get them on the schedule for the next ten years. Real football is not like that. We spend a lot of time drawing FirstDown PlayBook plays and defenses up vs different fronts and formations. We even talk about how to package plays from Bunch and other formations.

Of course the thing that certainly makes all of what we do different is that you can edit any and all of the thousands of plays you find on FirstDown PlayBook. That means that anything you put your hands on in FirstDown PlayBook is yours. It is there to help you coach your football team. See how all of this comes full circle?

So as you watch this short video and consider installing this Jet Sweep Option remember that a lot of work went into this. There is a lot more where this came from. Work that we do so you won’t have to. That means youth football plays too. Now let’s take a look at this play that actually has some flag football elements to it.

More Trick Plays Like This Jet Sweep Option Play Here On FirstDown PlayBook