Introducing FirstDown PlayBook Templates

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 26, 2022

We have just released a new coaching tool that is going to save everyone of you a ton of time. The brand new FirstDown PlayBook Templates area allows you to create your own stencil or template work space to create your plays, defenses and schemes.

We will be taking a lot about this over the next several months, but we wanted to get you started today. Many of you are already putting together your playbooks, installations and even practice cards for spring ball and summer camp. This is going to make it even easier than FirstDown PlayBook has always made it for you.

Are You Going Good On Good This Spring?

Today we are just going to release this very short video that tells you where to find the FirstDown PlayBook “My Templates” area. We focus primarily on how easy it is to click on a stencil and instantly you have that drawing to scale on your play drawing canvas.

The FirstDown PlayBook “My Templates” Will Save Every Coach Hours

The video we have produced today is actually taken as we were working on our free demo website. When you go in to the demo account you will be able to quickly see how helpful these templates are. When you start your own account, you can actually go in and easily create your own Templates & Stencils. We will be talking more about that later.

What’s a PlayCard? What’s a PlayGrid?

For today though, lets take a look at this video. After that you can get started with your 2022 football season drawings, playbooks and playbook installations! Let us know what you think. “For coaches By coaches” is not just a saying around here. We want to know how we can keep making this better for you.