How Would You Adjust To Stop This Run?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 30, 2020

The FirstDown PlayBook Monday Morning Quarterback has a defensive problem for you to solve this morning. We are set up in a four man front and we are playing quarters behind it.

We think we should be in pretty good shape because we have safety support to help out with the run game. The safeties are reading number two to each side and that gives us a chance vs the passing game.

It’s not going very well though. The quarterback is reading our open side end and the ball is getting handed off every time. The ball is breaking back to our weak side A gap for 6-7 yards the majority of the time.

You are the defensive coordinator. What adjustment(s) are you going to make to get this run stopped? Check back on Wednesday and we will give you our suggestions!

There is almost always more than one way to solve any problem or issue that you have on defense. However, normally the “best” way is the way that involves the least amount of adjusting.

That’s why if we were trying to fix this problem with the inside zone we would dial up a simple “Pirate” stunt. A Pirate stunt tells the End and Tackle on the weak side to slant inside to the next gap.

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By stunting the End and Tackle you stop the A gap issue and you force the quarterback to keep the ball. You should have the Will LB outside in, The Mike LB outside in and the Free Safety late as a force player on the quarterback this way.