Herbert Beginning To Quiet The “Experts”

By Will Cinelli on Feb 4, 2021

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The Chargers’ Justin Herbert absolutely shocked many QB evaluators this year with his play. For someone who got picked apart in the draft process, he displayed the ability to make some “wow” plays this year as a rookie.

Let’s dig into the tape on one such play. We will show how Justin Herbert not only possesses the elite physical tools needed to play the game at a high level but also flashes a feel for the game that will serve him well as he grows and matures. The redzone is an area that separates good QBs from the elite, as windows get smaller and things happen faster.

On this snap in particular, there’s quick pressure on Herbert as soon as he gets his head around. This happens immediately after the play fake. However, Herbert doesn’t panic. He still keeps his eyes down the field. Now he reads the leverage his receiver, Keenan Allen, is running his out route into at the bottom of your screen. Herbert knows that’s where he has to go with the ball, right into the pressure from the DE.

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Because of where the pressure is in relation to the route he needs to throw, Herbert elects to fade away from the throw to buy himself the extra split second he needs and to give him the throwing lane to lead Allen to the front pylon. Take a look on the TV copy. This throw from Justin Herbert is just next-level, with rare velocity and ball placement. Also consider that he isn’t stepping into the throw.

This play is just one of many that the Chargers’ signal-caller made this year. This has led many to believe that he’s likely to enter the picture as an elite QB in the league. These plays, the ones where things aren’t completely perfect like the coach drew up on the whiteboard, are the ones that differentiate the good from the great in the NFL. I, for one, am excited to see Herbert continue to develop. 

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