Flip Your Football PlayBook Play Or Part Of It

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 28, 2020
Coach Driven

The more flexibility you have when you are drawing football plays and schemes the better off you are. We had a great question yesterday, along those lines, on one of our webinars about our football playbook and flipping plays.

The coach wanted to know if he could flip a portion of a play as opposed to the entire play. It’s a legit question and one that we thought of as we were building the FirstDown PlayBook 2.0 Draw & edit tool.

There are often times when the entire side of the ball may flip flop over but the other side of the ball is going to play it right and left. In other words the defense may be making their strength call to the field or boundary. it is silly to have to draw all 22 players up for this one adjustment. Let our football playbook technology do that work for you!

Cut Football PlayBook Work In Half By Using The Same Diagram For Scout Team Cards

Sometimes the need to flip only a portion of a play is as simple as turning a corner route in to a post. What ever the reason, FirstDown PlayBook understands that saving you time is the most important thing. We are very aware that it is huge time saver to use the same drawing for your scout team cards as you do for your playbook. How? You flip the play and cut your work in half!

This morning we take you through your ability to flip your play just about any way you want to. That means the entire play or a portion of it too. This will end up saving you a ton of time as you use FirstDown PlayBook. Your football playbook is growing by the week so be sure to stay up on the latest!