Flag Football Route Tree & Others Easier To Find

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 29, 2022
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There is a large and vocal audience of football coaches who use FirstDown PlayBook. This is why we lean on you for direction. We always listen and we have benefited from this group to give us input on how to make FirstDown PlayBook better. This is why we heard about the need for a flag football route tree.

We have received a lot of ideas about what we should develop next over the years. We also learn about some things that we can do better. This is so helpful because we have a very diverse population of coaches out there and your needs can be very different .

One great idea that came in was from a coach who saw that we had a route tree for our varsity pass game section. He suggested that we add the very same section to the flag football section. This was how this route tree access came about! We immediately saw what he was talking about.

Get On The Perimeter With This Flag Football RPO

He felt like this addition would be very helpful to him and his players. When we read this idea, it made perfect sense to us. So we added route tree help in your flag football area as well as in your passing game area. Here is the latest addition though.

Now you can easily find the route trees regardless of what game you are coaching. This means that if you are coaching flag football or 9 man football, it’s all there for you. We have renamed the flag football area “flag football routes”. It’s then same detailed information that the tackle coaches get.

Please watch this short video to learn how to find your flag football route tree help.

Rich Mannello