Deuce 5v5 Flag Football Formation

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 25, 2021

Deuce formation is going to be a part of your 5v5 flag football offense. That is just a fact. It is the staple of almost any 5v5 flag offense. Now you might call it something different but you will line up with two receivers to each side and a running back. The other things it is called is Doubles, maybe Duo, but you get the picture.

There is a reason it is the staple. This 5v5 flag football formation gives you balance. As we just mentioned it gives you a balance with your receivers but there’s more to it than that. Deuce 5v5 flag football formation gives you balance with the run and pass too. You can hand the ball off. Stretching the field with the pass game is easy. You can also combine the two!

The defense has no choice but to balance up with you. This means that you can look for advantageous personnel matchups in the pass game. About the time the defense focuses on that you have a running back you can hand it off to. This balance keeps defenses honest.

Deuce 5v5 Flag Formation RPO’s Too

The words Run Pass Option are thrown around a lot these days but they have an entirely different meaning in flag football. RPO means that the the player with the ball in their hands can run it or throw it. That player might be the quarterback or not. Deuce formation is a great place to start with your RPO game.

Let’s take a look at this short video that explains how to begin making Deuce a part of your 5v5 flag football offense. You will also see how FirstDown PlayBook has already done a lot of work for you. All you need to do is to edit these plays to fit your 5v5 flag football team!