Coming: Football Drills & Fundamentals

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 18, 2022
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This has been so long in the works it is somewhat embarrassing. We have always prided ourselves as strong teachers of fundamentals. After all, FirstDown PlayBook was a position coach for the most of the 30 years we coached at the NFL and college level. It’s time to launch the FirstDown PlayBook Football Drills & Fundamentals section.

Why did it take us so long? Well, it’s complicated. However to cut to the chase, FirstDown PlayBook wanted to establish ourselves as a totally different kind of football playbook first. A playbook that not only offered you the best technology. We also wanted to offer you thousands of pre drawn schemes that you could edit for your one playbook. So FirstDown PlayBook Draw & Edit was born.

It is more than decided that we have achieved that goal. Many of you understand it. Eventually all of you will. FirstDown PlayBook allows a football coach to do everything they need in regards to plays and playbooks in one place. Now it is time to move into new areas as we continue to grow our plays, defenses and schemes. This will be a two year project. This year we will totally focus on football drills and draw them up for you.

A Football Drills Section Has Always Been In FirstDown PlayBook’s Plans

Next year we will begin to pair videos of the drills with the diagrams. Understand that both the diagrams and the videos will be drawn and coached by NFL level coaches. Yes, that means they actually coached in the NFL. This will consist of drills that develop a young player. Safety will be the lead thought and the instruction will be based on years of proven techniques.

We will break these football drills down by position on offense defense and special teams. Some of the drills will be full team drills like the one you see here in this article. One last thing before we get back to work. If you have a football drill that you want to be included in this section then let us know. If it fits the specs then we will draw it up for you and everyone else who is a FirstDown PlayBook coach.

Charlie Coiner is the Founder of FirstDown PlayBook