Coaches Community Website Gets A Facelift

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 3, 2022
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The FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community website got a nice little facelift over the past several weeks and months. The premise remains the same. It is a free website where we provide football coaches with coaching information and the latest information about FirstDown PlayBook.

Over the past ten years the Coaches Community site has become an essential tool for FirstDown PlayBook. Of course the FirstDown PlayBook website itself is the bread and butter for coaches. This is where coaches from all levels of football can find editable plays defenses or special teams schemes. You can also draw your own plays if you want using our Draw & Edit tool.

The Coaches Community has been a very effective way to get the word out any time we install new. This is often play installations on FirstDown PlayBook. It has also been an essential tool that allows us show you any new technology that we have added to FirstDown PlayBook. Being the visual group that we are as coaches, it’s always good to be able to show you what we are doing.

The FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community Website Is A Free Resource For Coaches

Finally, the Coaches Community website has enabled us to have a place to share football coaching tips. There is a lot of help these days on the internet for football coaches. Some of it is a lot better than others. We try to offer you sound content that we have used or experienced over our 30 years as an NFL/college football coach.

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The short video that we are including today explains how we have re-organized the Categories section on the Coaches Community site too. This section allows a football coach to go right to their area of football. We have combined several of these to make the site easier to navigate. Regardless of if you are a youth football coach, a flag football coach or a special teams coach, you will appreciate the many articles you can quickly find here.

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Coaches Community Website
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