Find The QB In This Flag Football Formation

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 14, 2021
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There’s a fine line between creative and crazy when it comes to drawing up sound flag football plays. The flag football formations can fall into this category too. Several years ago when we started venturing into the flag football playbook world we had a lot to learn.

There are some rules that can make it complicated to create a sound flag football play. One of those rules is that when with playing NFL flag football rules the quarterback can not advance the ball. In other words the player that receives the snap from center must either handoff or throw the ball.

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It’s a good rule that is designed to prevent one player from taking over the game. However. it got us thinking about why an offense had to advertise who the quarterback was before the snap. We came up with a 5v5 flag football formation we called “Split’ formation.

Fast forward five years later and we are beginning to see multiple quarterbacks in the backfield at the college and high school level too. Even though the quarterback can advance the ball in these leagues the two or three quarterback strategy has it’s merits.

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On today’s Flag Football Plays Chalk Talk video we drop a tip or two about how to use this or these flag football formations. Take a look right here.

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