Better Way To Install Your Game Plan

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 13, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook Player App Helps Defensive & Offensive Coordinators Install.

One thing all coaches will agree on is that you do not want your players’ minds cluttered with unnecessary information. It is hard enough to get them to digest the needed material without making them sort through your plan. This is central to how a high school football coach should approach how you install your game plan with your players.

FirstDown PlayBook makes it very easy for you to install your weekly game plan with your players. In fact it allows you to do it the same way they do it in the NFL or major college football. Now that FirstDown PlayBook has released the Player App it is the best way to get your plan to the players where they live…on their phone.

However; like anything else, these two powerful tools need to be used correctly. Raise your hand if you really want your players to see everything that your coaches see in your playbook. Okay you two 2-8 coaches from last year are excused. You too if your hallways are loaded with talent. Most coaches want their players to see just what matters that week. Anything else is a distraction. Distractions when you install your game plan get you beat.

Raise Your Hand If You Want Your Players To See Too Much Installation On Game Week

The system is not complicated either. It all easily laid out in our roles and permissions. You create a PlayBook and designate who can see it and who cannot. It’s not any different from our friends over at Hudl when it comes to how you can see their videos. All high school football coaches know this system.

Todays short video shows you how to separate what your coaches are seeing and what your players can see. This not only important for the reasons we just mentioned above. This also allows your coaches to have an area where they can work on the future opponents without the players seeing that part of your playbook. This week when you install your game plan understand how to control who sees what.

High school Football Coach Mike Cross