All 22 Tuesday: TCU Bubble QB Counter RPO

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 4, 2022
All 22 Tuesday

There are some games where you just can’t seem to do anything wrong and others when you couldn’t buy a play. About the time TCU ran this Bubble QB Counter RPO against Oklahoma on Saturday, both teams were experiencing those kind of days. The final score was TCU over OU 55-24 so we all know which team was having which day.

The All 22 Tuesday play that we are featuring today actually came late in the game. Yes, the game was all but over at this point but there are a lot of things to learn from this play. Teams are getting so good at stretching the field horizontally these days. It has to make a defensive coordinator want to take his chances with the vertical threats.

This bubble QB counter RPO not only stretches the field but it does it in several ways. This could have been an around to #1 coming in orbit motion. It could have obviously been a bubble screen. It could have even been a fake bubble screen and go to #18. Instead it was a very safe quarterback counter. Is it an RPO? Maybe, but probably not in this situation. We bet that this was called for the QB all the way.

This All 22 Tuesday Play Fits For A High School Offense Too

What we really like about this play is that it is really simple enough to run at the high school and maybe even youth football level. You all throw bubble screens these days. Getting that extra blocker by running the quarterback is even happening at the NFL level these days. So our point is that this is a play you can install, particularly if you already run a counter scheme.

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We would advise you to try to get the bubble throw away from the quarterback’s arm though. It’s a much easier throw it this way if the bubble is going to actually be an option. One more reason we think that this bubble QB counter was actually just a QB counter. Take a look below or click on the drawing to decide for yourself.

Ken Benoit