All 22 Tuesday: Gators Coaches Create Counter Space

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 19, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday

A lot is made these days about the ball coaching ability of a good offensive coordinator who exposes a second or third level defender. This normally comes in the form of a play action pass or an RPO. However; there is an underrated talent of a coordinator who studies the defensive line. Todays All 22 Tuesday drawing from the Florida Gators vs Tennessee game is an excellent example of this.

Offensive line coaches love to preach toughness. Understandable, but cave men are no longer around because more developed species came along and made them extinct. As an old tight end and offensive line coach I can tell you that the easy way is almost always the best way.

In fact, I will take it a step further. It is your coaching job to create schemes that make your players successful.This is opposed to screaming at your players on Monday about how poorly they executed your poorly thought out plan.

Hats off to the offensive coordinator, offensive line coach and tight end coach from the Florida Gators for this one. Did it score a 60 yard touchdown because the corner fell down on a man coverage matchup? Nope. It simply created much needed space for a Y counter run play.

This All 22 Tuesday Play Could Be Run By The Gators Either Way

This is a good ole Run & Shoot double slot formation. The offensive formation is as balanced as it can be. If you don’t believe this then please tell me why the Gators could not run this same play to the right side from this very formation? Next week on the All 22 Tusday you might see that one too.

Is Your Offensive Line Banged Up? Read This…

Odds are the outside release of the slot Tight End did not mean reach block to the Defensive End. It probably looked like outside release for a pass route. His line coach has told him to get his hands on that Tight End as he releases. Bless his heart. The Defensive End widens just as he was coached to do. You can bet that Tennessee will begin to read the tackle when they play this scheme in the future.

The rest is history and right here for you to see and learn from by clicking on and watching the video and studying the play drawing. Plenty more in FirstDown PlayBook where this came from…

Fran Johnson