Aiyuk Adjustment With Ball In The Air Is Special

By will.cinelli on Aug 12, 2021

What makes a player an excellent deep ball receiver? Speed, certainly. Separation ability? That, too. But how about a receiver that can still make the catch when he shouldn’t? 49ers receiver Brandon Aiyuk is one player who can win even when the ball isn’t perfect. Let’s check out this particular play where he wins on a vertical ball.

Aiyuk, running up the bottom of the numbers, starts expecting the ball over his inside shoulder. The ball, though, is over his outside shoulder. Aiyuk tracks the ball drifting that way and flips his hips to adjust to the throw.

Aiyuk displays great footwork to stay on his feet, then great concentration and ball tracking as he completes the catch even with the DB draped all over him. What a special catch from a special receiver. 

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