A Double Move Off Of Your Bootleg Pass

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 11, 2020

One of the good things about running the bootleg passing game is that it gets your quarterback moving towards the intended target. This is particularly important when you have a younger player who needs a little help to get the ball there on a deeper throw. This is even more true when the boot is heading towards a double move route.

We have always liked the fact that a boot or sprint out pass moves your quarterback around and outside of the pocket to help out your offensive line. It can buy your Quarterback a little time and doesn’t let the defensive line tee off on the same launch point every time you throw it.

The problem is that when you sprint out you also cut down the field that the secondary has to cover. A well coached secondary will recognize route combinations even with the drop back game. When you boot leg out there just are not that many route combinations available to call. The defensive backs will eventually cheat.

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So you can count on a well coached defensive back to be pretty aggressive on a boot high low. One just like we have drawn here after you run it once or twice. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a double move off of your bootleg package. We all like to double move a defensive back with the drop back pass game but it can be effective off of the boot pass also.

Understand that this is a shot play and you really don’t need your tight end in the flat. If he is better used as a protector that can give your quarterback more time then keep him in.

Coach your quarterback to do one of three things with this play. Either launch it, or run it or throw the ball out of bounds. If something goes wrong with the play then live to play another down. Don’t try to create something that is not there.

If the middle of the field is closed (Cover 3) make sure the Z keeps the route straight up the field after his original move. However, if the middle of the field is open, Z should bend the route. They want to bend it slightly inside but still allow the Quarterback to lead him to the throw.

When you are playing a quarters coverage team that likes to get their safeties involved in the run game. This play can also be used to keep those guys honest. Once they start respecting the possibility of this type of play get back to pounding them. Get your two Tight End run game package going even better than before.