614 Headsets Brings Young Coaching Energy

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 23, 2024
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FirstDown PlayBook is excited to announce that we have partnered with 614 Headsets out of Columbus, Ohio. When I first heard about 614 Headsets, I visited their football coach website to learn more about them. The first thing I see is a Tom Brady quote that goes “Football is unconditional love.”

This was fairly significant on two counts. First was the fact that these dudes put it right out there that they are eat up with football. No if, ands or buts about it, they are consumed. The second noticeable thing is that three coaches from Columbus, Ohio were quoting quite possibly the most famous Michigan player in the history of the school. But I digress.

The 614 Headsets Crew Is Eat Up With Football Just Like All Young Coaches Should Be

All of this aside, what I saw when I visited the 614 Headsets website and listened to their podcast was something much more familiar. Me. They reminded me of me thirty five years ago. As a young 29 year old coach, I could not get enough of football. Football was new and fun, just as it should be for a young coach.

I wanted to learn football. I wanted to coach football. If someone was willing to talk about football, they did not have to ask me twice. I would coach my Grandmother on how to keep her B gap arm free if she would let me. This is exactly who Kyle Stout, Ryan Sayers, and Donovan White are. They are young high school football head coaches and coordinators who love our game and want to learn as they make it better.

One of the ways they have decided to make the game better is to host a podcast, clinics and to talk about the things that they have experienced as young coaches. So if you are like them and believe “Football is more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle.” tune in. Listeners with a passion for football can expect discussion on relevant topics, interviews with star players & coaches, and the all-important X’s & O’s.

Check 614 Headsets Out Here:

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