2 Back Slot Double Post Changeup

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 14, 2021

We see the double post almost every weekend especially in the red zone. It’s amazing how it almost always seems to work. It is an excellent answer to combat bracket coverage. This is when the defense plays 3 over 2 vs a slot formation like we have drawn up below. This is why we really like this version of the Slot Double Post.

If the defense is trying to bracket your slot receiver this is a football play to consider. The first thing to like about it is that it can be a revealing formation. This means that if the Corner comes over to the right side then your quarterback can think man coverage pre-snap.

It’s not a hundred percent but the odds are that he came over there to cover the Z. When this happens the QB may want to look at his back out of the backfield who is likely matched up on a Safety or a Linebacker. If he doesn’t like that matchup then he can still read the double post down to the Y. When the Z and the X run this well, there is a chance that a rub will occur vs man coverage. 

If the defense is trying to bracket the slot receiver then this switch release is a good little change up to free up the X. The quarterback should read it just as he would any double post concept inside out. Obviously the split of the X and the release of the Z is critical for this to be effective.

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The Y must also know to stay on the move vs man and sit vs zone. Once again the revealing formation can help him with this. He should be able to read the defender lined up on the slot for man vs zone. If you are having trouble disguising this then think about Z motion either across the formation or start him across to the left and bring him back to insure the proper split for the switch release.