Youth Football Unbalanced Formations

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 15, 2022

Let’s get it out there right away. FirstDown PlayBook is not real sure that unbalanced formations should even be allowed in youth football. There are so many different leagues and rules out there, it could be that is the case where you coach. There are really two schools of thought about youth football unbalanced formations.

The first thought is that football, at its roots, is about understanding the game. By the game, we mean how many players are allowed on the line of scrimmage and more importantly, how many are not. Unbalanced formations force a defense and an offense to focus on that.

It’s not easy. Players and coaches are lured into finding the ball and that is our ground zero. Our brains immediately start processing what we see or what we think we see. This is why you sometimes see a huge offensive lineman wide open in the end zone on an NFL Sunday afternoon.

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So the case in favor of using a youth football unbalanced formation is that it actually teaches the game of football. No one is automatically eligible for a pass unless they are on the end of the line of scrimmage. After that you better be finding out who is off the ball.

Click on The Defensive Drawing To Watch A Short Video On Defending Unbalanced Formations

The second school of thought is that the cart is way out in front of the horse on this one. You are coaching young kids who are just beginning to learn the game of football. Do we really want to try to trick them? Sure it may be to you and your team’s advantage in that game, but is that really coaching youth football?

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We have come to be way less judgmental here at FirstDown PlayBook over the years. We provide you with a lot of different ways to coach football. 6/8/9/12 man football? Check, we have it and so do you. Flag and 7on7 football? Yes, and more coming. So when it comes to youth football unbalanced formation help? Yes, of course we have it, a lot of it. More importantly, we have help defending unbalanced formations.

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Use it, and by all means, defend it. If your league allows it then you will likely see it. Use it as a teaching tool to understand the game of football. This way the next time an NFL team does not cover that nub Tackle you can say “Hey, my youth football team would have covered that!”