Youth Football Trick Play From A Trick Formation

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 7, 2021
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When you run a youth football trick play, one of the first goals is to not trick yourself. It happens at every level of football. A team has a razzle dazzle play dialed up but when they go to run it they stumble on the smooth execution part. Today’s youth football trick play is a chance to look complicated to the defense but stay simple for your players.

The first element of trickery here comes with the formation. The root formation is just a two tight end trips formation to the right. In that formation the F tight end is on the ball and the X is off of the ball. This unbalanced version has the F step off the ball and the X steps on.

It is important to note that when you do this the Y is not eligible and the weak Tackle is eligible. This is what freaks out most defensive coaches because you want to cover all of the edible players. This is the secret sauce of this play though. What we are really doing is getting our F tight end in a position to motion!

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When this happens there are going to be bells and whistles going off because that just looks weird. We have now taken on Wing T elements. When the ball is snapped the quarterback will flip the ball to the F. The Z who is in the slot will come behind the F for the reverse toss.

You can almost bet that the defense is going to be loaded up to the strong side of this formation. If they are not, just run the F around and fake the reverse trick play. In this case however you are going to have a confused defense pursing the ball. Z has the ball with the QB and the pulling guard out in front for the touchdown!

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We have this play drawn up against a 6-2 defense but you might be playing a 4-4, 5-3 or a Bear defense. No worries. When you go to the FirstDown PlayBook youth football offense section you will find every youth play drawn up against multiple defenses. Even one of them have coaching points too.