Youth Football Plays Vs Multiple Defenses…Quickly

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 14, 2021

Anyone who has coached offensive football long enough understands that the opponent’s coach has a plan too. You worked all week on getting your best youth football plays repped based on what you do best and what you expect them to play.

The next thing that you have to come to grips with is that your opponents are not going to all play your team the same. Some are going to play an even front and others will play an odd front. They all will have their answer for your youth football plays.

Some defenses are going to load the box on your formations while others may choose to defend the perimeter and/or pass game. Albeit that the changes may only affect your blocking rules slightly, that slightly is important. Your youth football plays have to be thought out vs multiple defenses.

6 Youth Football Defenses Suggested By NFL Coaches

This is just one more way that FirstDown PlayBook is different. We not only block every run play up vs multiple defenses, we also have even made it easier and faster to find them! Take a look here before you waste a lot of time finding plays.

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