Youth Football PlayGrids Can Save Your Rear

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 31, 2021
The #1 Tool for Youth Football Coaches

The FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids can save your rear as a youth football coach. Sounds like hyperbole but think about this. There are some things about coaching youth football that can be harder than coaching in the NFL. “No way” you say?

Think about this. NFL coaches have scouting reports and plenty of video to study as they prepare for their next game. You? As a youth football coach, you have almost nothing to lean on as you prepare for the next game.

The defense you face could be a 6-2, it could be a 4-4 or they could even cover up your center and both guards with a bear defense. This forces you to be prepared for whatever shows up that Saturday morning.

This is where the FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids can help you so much. Your youth football PlayGrids allow you to coach your blocking schemes in several ways but lets look at three right here:

1. Email Your PlayGrid(s) To Your Parents

Let’s face it, your parents are a key to your communication. Once you create your PlayGrids you can email them to the parents and they can help you with the coaching process. This way your players have seen the blocking schemes before they ever get to the field.

2. Use The PlayGrid Presentation To Teach Your Team

Some youth football coaches actually meet with your players before you get to practice. The FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids allow you to present the PlayGrid to your team directly from FirstDown PlayBook.

There is no need to waste time creating a powerpoint presentation. Your plays are all together on one PlayGrid that allows you to navigate slide to slide just like if you were an NFL coach.

3. Take Your Youth Football PlayGrid To The Game!

There is nothing more comforting than to have a visual reference when you are actually on the field during practice or a game. Have you ever seen NFL coaches and their players looking at books and tablets on the sideline? That’s what they are doing too.

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Taking your youth football PlayGrids to the field will allow you to make simple and quick adjustments with your team if your opponent changes things up on you. You can quickly point to the diagram that is blocked up against the new defense and now your players have a chance to adjust.

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Intrigued yet? You should be because the FirstDown PlayBook Youth Football PlayGrids can make your season easier and also make you a better football coach. Watch this to learn more.