Youth Football 6-2 Defense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 16, 2021

We always get in trouble this time of year when we begin pointing out to youth football defensive coaches that they shouldn’t let spread offenses spread them out. However, we stand by that and we also think the youth football 6-2 defense is still probably the best defense for younger players.

We have yet to see that 10-11 year old quarterback that strikes fear into our heart as a defensive coach. Let’s get into that more later, but today we want to focus on what we consider to still be one of the best youth football defenses.

The 6-2 youth football defense is exactly as you might imagine. You are committing 8 players to the line of scrimmage to stop the run. There are adjustments that allow you to cover all of the eligibles, but once again, stopping the run is the main focus here. That is for good reason. If you do a scouting report of how most youth football offenses move the ball you will find the run game at the top of the list.

6 Youth Football Defenses Suggested By NFL Coaches

Below you will find our Youth Football Chalk Talk clinic that covers this defense. This video lives on FirstDown PlayBook year round but we are making it available to everyone for one week here on the Coaches Community site.