Titans’ Ben Jones Sees It & Stones It

By Will Cinelli on Jan 14, 2021

When a defense is thinking “pass” there are 2 options: play coverage or get pressure. When a defensive play-caller elects for bringing some heat, he needs to have a high confidence that the rush will get home, so you see some pretty exotic schemes designed to mess up a protection scheme and get to the QB.

The best defense against these exotic pressure schemes is a really smart and aware offensive linemen who can quickly process what’s happening and can adjust on the fly. In this case, Titans center Ben Jones is initially responsible for the Colts’ walked-up LB, Darius Leonard, #53. Indianapolis is actually going to bring both ILB’s on the blitz, but have them twist. The goal here is either for Walker to get a free run-through or for both the back and Jones to take him, freeing up Leonard on the loop.

At the snap, Leonard doesn’t burst off the ball. Instead, he’s clearly trying to set up Jones. But Jones recognizes the weak initial rush and as a veteran OL knows something’s up. He gets eyes on Walker who’s coming with a full head of steam. Jones gets his left hand free so that he can engage Walker.

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Now Leonard loops around Walker and tries to get free, but because Jones effectively took Walker, now the back is there to take Leonard and keep the QB clean. Great awareness by Jones to take the biggest initial threat. Also credit the back for showing good patience and understanding of what Jones is doing so that the two can effectively work together to pick up this pressure package. 

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