Tight Red Zone Bunch Formation Answer

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 10, 2021

When you have 20 yards or less to work with there is not a lot of room for a high low pass game combination. The back of the end zone is a powerful and trusted defender for the defensive secondary.

Bunch formation can put a little doubt in a defenses mind. This formation is designed to allow a strong side run game. It also sets itself up for crossing routes if the backside receiver is in a close split.

FirstDown PlayBook offers you many red zone pass plays that give you ideas on how to attack the defense in the 10-6 yard line. The play below is just one great example.

It allows you to attack the sidelines with a high low concept even as you get deeper into the red zone. This mirror concept allows your quarterback to pick side and work based on what they read.

The Z also offers an option that sits right in front of the quarterback. The natural hot route can be a big benefit for the quarterback as well. As you can see there is an answer vs all forms of coverage man or zone.