The Logo & Field Background Is Up To You

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 7, 2019

When FirstDown PlayBook built the 2.0 Draw and Edit tool we understood that at the root of this powerful football playbook tool was the fact that you wanted ownership of your plays and playbook. That included your field background too. Now don’t get us wrong, we also understood that you wanted to still have access to the 35,000 FirstDown PlayBook plays!

So, we here at FirstDown PlayBook got busy and as you likely know, we now provide you with both. The ability to edit the plays does not stop with the plays, defenses and special teams schemes themselves though.

We have had some questions about the field background and the FirstDown PlayBook logo watermark background. Here’s the short story. It’s all up to you. Want the field in the background? It’s yours. Want it gone? No problem.

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The FirstDown PlayBook logo as the watermark in the background? Once you become a FirstDown PlayBook coach your plays will not have our logo in the background like the ones you see in this video and on our social media posts. We even have plans for allowing you to out YOUR logo in the background at some point. We don’t know when yet but it’s coming at some point.

The Logo & Field Background Is Your Call

So take a quick look at this video and you will understand that when we say we have handed the chalk back to you the coach, we mean it.