Teaching Football Can Mean Less Talking

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 18, 2023
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Recently we have been touching on some things that can help you be more efficient as you coach your youth football team, or really any level of football for that matter. Today we want to focus on how to get your players working instead of listening to you talk. Teaching football to Pop Warner aged players sometimes means less talking. Much less.

It’s an easy trap to fall into. I have never met a coach who did not think that they were interesting to listen to. It’s just human nature. It’s also human nature for youth football players to tune you out after two minutes. This means you too, flag football coaches.

Here are a 3 suggestions that can help you as a coach teaching football to Pop Warner aged players.

Show Your Youth Football Players. Don’t Tell Them

When the players get to your drill, quickly teach them what they are working on. The best way to do that is to show them a picture by example. Either you (be careful) or some of your more experienced players should demonstrate the technique or drill. After that, get busy working on it with the whole group. If you spend more than a minute or so talking then you are already losing the attention of your group.

Lines Are Bad For Teaching Football To Pop Warner Aged Football Players

Let’s face it, we all hate to stand in lines and that includes kids. If you want to lose the attention of a young football player in the year 2023 just have them stand in a line for more than thirty seconds. When teaching football get your drills up so that your players are almost always involved. The only time they are not is when they are catching their breath in between repetitions.

You Must Prepare & Organize Before You Touch The Field

We understand that your time is valuable too but you must prepare before you get to practice. This means sitting down and creating a practice schedule. This schedule will keep you, your assistants and your team organized. This also means that you should get to practice early to set up your drills so that your players don’t have to stand around as you do it on their practice time.

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