Special Teams Punt Return Clinic

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 8, 2021

Before we tell you about our punt return clinic, check this out. I once worked with a very good NFL coach who described a lot of special teams as “one man whipping another man’s ass.”

With the modern day philosophy of spreading out the punt teams, just like the offenses, it has never been more true. As punt coaches use every inch of the 53 yards and some change, the results are predictable. A lot of one on one matchups are going to be on full display.

As a special teams coach the best thing you can do for your players in this situation is to give them tools. Notice I said tools, as in plural. Your players will not always know the situation they will encounter in a “big field” play like punt and punt return. Special teams like a lot of football is full of moves and counter moves. Your players will need to use the right tool at the right time. It’s your job to teach them.

Every one of your players is a little different than the others. Good special teams coaches don’t hand a hammer to a fast twitch player who needs to avoid contact. They don’t put their most physical players out in space any more than necessary either.

Today FirstDown PlayBook is focusing on punt return and we have released one of our special teams clinics that we normally only provide for FirstDown PlayBook coaches. We will only keep this up for a week so take sure you jump on it while it is available.

This Punt Return Clinic Can Now Be Found On FirstDown PlayBook