Smash Concepts From Double Bunch

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 5, 2020
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The best defenses are those who study offensive tendencies and anything else that will give them a”tip”. Included in this study is often looking at the receiver splits. A double smash usually comes from a spread offense.

More often than not tight splits happen for a reason. One of those reasons is to help with full field crossing route concepts. Cut those splits down pre-snap though and you are sure to hear good defensive backs sounding the alarm. “Alert Crossers!”

As an offensive coordinator you have to understand that and use it to your advantage. Here’s a way to get that done out of a half bunch formation to both sides. We call this formation Couple in our FirstDown PlayBook Varsity section. This formation smells like crossing routes all the way up until the ball is snapped. As you can see from the drawing it is actually a double smash concept on each side.

Can You Use These Concepts With Your Adult Flag Football Offense? Absolutely!

Another advantage with this route concept is that defenses will often sit in two high and wait to see if the offense is going to motion across the formation. The defense is aware that motioning to a full Bunch formation means that there is a heavy run threat.

However, they will sit in two high waiting on the motion before rolling up into one high coverage . If you run four verticals out of this formation then this play is an excellent way to put those Corners in a bind that they are not expecting!