Red Zone Bunch Formation Pass Play

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 3, 2022

We talk a lot about formations here on the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community site. The main reason is that defenses have to respect the formation you one up in. There are some things that they control but adjusting to your formation is where they start. That’s why we like this red zone bunch formation so much.

One of the things that offensive line coaches pull their hair out about is giving up on the run game in the red zone. The history books are full of offensive coordinators who have run the ball down the field, only to throw three fade balls and then kick a field goal.

There is no arguing that the field has shrunk. However, if you keep the run game in mind as you game plan you are going to reap the benefits. This includes when you line up to throw a pass. The value of a play action pass in the red zone goes without saying. There are also advantages just calling your pass play out of a run formation.

Bunch Should Be One Of Your 5v5 Flag Formations Too

Bunch is one of those formations. This is especially true in the red zone. The red zone bunch formation is particularly worrisome for defensive coordinators who like to heat you up down here. If the pressure comes from inside then there is a chance everyone gets sealed down inside.

This Red Zone Bunch Formation Pass Is Just One Of Thousands

Another concern is the picks and rubs that are a consistent part of bunch formation pass plays. These are the plays on TV where you see a tight end or receiver pop wide open. The announcers are questioning how that happened until it is discovered that some more defender had no chance to cover his man. The traffic made him run a hump and that was all it took.

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In this short video you will see that this red zone bunch formation pass play checks the boxes in a lot of ways. There is a serious run threat. The receivers are in a position to create rubs. The play looks like the drive concept initially. Finally, there are fades to both sides if you get a mismatch at corner.

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