OSU Steals Texas With Red Zone Tampa 2 Pick 6

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 17, 2021

Oklahoma State robbed Texas yesterday on this beautifully executed red zone coverage. We are going to call it a version of red zone Tampa 2 because the Mike linebacker, #16 carried the Texas vertical route in the seam. It is possible that it was some version of quarters but we will let you decide that.

Let’s look at the situation first. This play takes place in the second quarter with 5:28 on the clock. Texas is in command of the game and about to tighten the grip. The score is 17-3 and Texas has the ball in the red zone on the Cowboys’ 18 yard line. The down and distance is 3rd and 10. You have to believe the Longhorns are thinking get a completion but protect the three points too.

Texas lines up in Empty but then shifts their talented back, Bijan Robinson into the backfield. All indications are that this is zone coverage and it was. When the ball is snapped Texas runs the two slot receivers through the middle/ Long story short they were trying to clear the red zone curl area out so the could hit #6 Joshua Moore on a slant and let him run.

Was This Red Zone Tampa 2? Take A Look & You Tell Us!

You have to believe that the Texas quarterback thought that #16 was going to buzz to the curl/flat area but that is not what went down. Instead the buzz player came from 10 yards or so deep. Was this Tampa 2? We think so. #25 Jason Taylor had great vision on the quarterback and the slant route as he buzzed down through the curl flat area.

This was one of those picks where the ball practically intercepts him. The pass hit Taylor between his numbers in full stride the other way. No one was going to catch him. 82 yards later the score was now or about to be 17-10. Think about that for a moment. Instead of 24-3 or 20-3, it was now a one score game.

We are sure we are not pointing anything out that the Longhorns coaching staff does not realize but his was a huge play from the OSU defense. So hats off to them for this excellent red zone Tampa 2 coverage and congrats on a big come from behind win and staying unbeaten! Click on the play drawing below to see this great FirstDown PlayBook All 22 play.