Northwestern Takes Down The King

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 4, 2021

One of the less talked about things in football (sports really) is that if you do not play absolutely perfectly…that’s okay. Here’s why. The other team will not either. The NAIA’s Northwestern football team understands that today.

The beauty of competition is that at some point mistakes will be made. You want to make less than the other team. The term “unforced error” can also come up when talking about this.

The Northwestern upset win this past weekend over perennial powerhouse Morningside is a prime example. There is not a lot of positive about this from the Northwestern perspective pre-snap.

When we first looked at this we thought Morningside was in a basic man free coverage and they might be. If so then the free safety just cheated too much to the strong side.

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A closer look made us believe that this was a version of split field quarters coverage. Either way we don’t think they want their outside linebacker one on one with no help over the top. That’s what they got and it was not good.

Now we are not in the Morningside meetings so we don’t know for sure. We also have never won back to back championships. However, we do love breaking down exciting pivotal football plays and we have one right here. Take a look here and let us know what coverage you think they were in?