Kyle Fuller Says Tackling Is Not A Lost Art

By will.cinelli on Jul 1, 2021

In the red zone, it is critical to get the ball-carrier on the ground with the first man in, as there is often no 2nd line of defense between the would-be-tackler and the goal line. On this clip Kyle Fuller, formerly of the Bears, demonstrates how executing precise tackling technique down there can save a defense.

First, note the good mental processing. Fuller breaks off the motion man to read the mesh between the QB and RB. As the QB pulls the Zone Read, Fuller is in good position, coming to balance quickly to not overshoot his target.

Fuller elects to go low here, driving his shoulder through the thigh of the runner while his arm wraps the inside leg. The result is exactly what you’re looking for, as the form tackle gets the runner on the ground.

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You can see from this end zone film, that there is no help coming if Kyle Fuller doesn’t make this tackle. So credit the corner here with a touchdown saved for his defensive unit.