Get Pass Game Concepts Instantly

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 9, 2021

Pass game concepts are all about how you see them. The Defense calls it a pick. The offense says “prove it”. They say “it’s a rub in our playbook”. Either way it’s probably going to happen when you run crossing routes.

You can also high low the underneath coverage too with this one. But man there is something special about catching the defense in man coverage and using crossing routes.

The sight of your receivers running free across the field as the defenders run into one another is a pleasing thing. Did you know that you can get plays like this in the FirstDown PlayBook CONCEPTS section?

It’s now easier than ever. You just choose concepts and then you can even choose the formation you want to instantly find passing game ideas. For those of you who are using the new FirstDown PlayBook know that “instantly” is not an exaggeration.

We promised you speed and our FirstDown PlayBook development team has delivered in a big way. Here’s the kicker. We let you check it out for free with a FirstDown PlayBook trial.

For those of you who want to draw your own plays… here’s a pencil. For those of you who want to get exposed to different ways to crease the defense… let’s get started.