Find FirstDown PlayBook Route Trees A New Way

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 19, 2021

There is a new way to find the FirstDown PlayBook Route Trees. This has always been a coach favorite for the past several years. However like a lot of things they were kind of hard to find.

The new FirstDown PlayBook takes all of the searching (and time) out of the process. You simply go in and first clear your filters. Next you make two or three common sense selections.

First you choose OFFENSE. Next You choose ROUTE TREES from the Drawing Type dropdown. At this point you are looking at all of the route trees in FirstDown PlayBook.

Now once you do this you are going to see another dropdown on the left side of the PlayFinder menu. You’re routes will be broken down by:

  1. Wide Receiver Routes
  2. Slot Receiver Routes
  3. Tight End Routes
  4. Running Back Routes

For those of you who are new to the FirstDown PlayBook Route Trees here is what they are all about. Instead of putting all of the routes on one tree, FirstDown PlayBook breaks them into individual routes for you.

Generally speaking the trees climb from 0 to 9 with some of the routes having several variations. We also provide you with four or five bullet points on how to install each route.

Just to avoid confusion with this, this section is not a template area or stencil section…yet. We think everyone can see where this is going though. Soon you will be able to have a library of routes that you just drag and drop over to the drawing you are working on.

So as the 2021 football season is right on top of us, this is a good time to give this section a glance. This short one minute video will show you exactly how to find the FirstDown PlayBook Route Tree section.