Cowboys Create Conflict Of Assignment For TD

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 23, 2020

This play reminded us of a play that Peyton Manning and the Colts used to run back in the day. Essentially Manning and the Colts had a little trap play that required the linebackers to step up if they wanted to stop it.

When the Colts got into the tight red zone they would call a play action pass off of it that essentially was a pop pass to the tight end. The linebackers had no way of being right.

Today’s play has a lot of the same elements. The Cowboys do an excellent job of putting two San Francisco defenders in a conflict of assignment.

They have looked at video during the week and understand that the 49er’s are likely to be in some type of three over two bracket coverage. When they motion away and fake the jet sweep it now becomes a simple two man bracket on Michael Gallup.

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When the ball is snapped Dalton fakes a little flip opposite of the jet sweep. A combination of this and the good job Gallup does with his eyes and body posture freezes the two 49ers defenders just enough.

When Gallup plant this foot to the dart route, it’s too late for the 49ers. Take a look here and go back to look at your offense to make sure you have enough “conflict of assignment” plays in your offense!