Corey Linsley: Who Will Pick The Next One

By Will Cinelli on Mar 18, 2021

Welcome to the free agent edition of Teachtape Thursday! Let’s take a look at the Chargers’ new center, Corey Linsley, and how he’s able to use top-notch mental processing and awareness to stymie his opponents’ pass rush.

Linsley initially works toward the nose tackle, aligned in a 2i technique. At the snap, though, all three down linemen on that side slant, with the nose crossing Linsley’s face. The center does a nice job changing direction to mirror the DL’s movement and stay in front of the rusher.

However, the nose doesn’t rush hard, setting off alarm bells for Linsley. He quickly recognizes that the 49ers are running an elaborate DL game. And if his man, the nose, is the looper, that means that there is a penetrator headed his way.

With the quick realization, Linsley is able to hop over and help out his RG to stop the penetration by the slanting 3-technique. Working together, the right side of the Packers’ OL is able to collect all of the rushers on that side. This prevents the 49ers from generating any pressure on this play.

The Chargers made a big bet that this level of awareness and mental processing from Corey Linsley will help keep the pocket clean for their young QB and take their offense to the next level. 

Charlie Coiner is the Founder of FirstDown PlayBook