Burrow & Uzomah Extend Play For The W

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 1, 2021

The ability for a quarterback to extend a play gets a lot of attention these days. NFL defenses are so talented and so well coached that plan A often does not work. Joe Burrow and CJ Uzomah gave us another example last night. They both did a nice job of extending this play to tie the game up in the fourth quarter last night.

This play took place in the fourth quarter with 9:10 on the clock last night. The Bengals were trailing the Jacksonville Jaguars 21-14. Burrow and Cincinnati had the ball on the Jacksonville 31 yard line, looking at a 3rd & 4 situation.

The Bengals lined up in empty with 11 personnel. They extended Joe Mixon out wide to the left and kept CJ Uzomah as the number three receiver to the three man side. Jacksonville showed single safety high pressure before the ball was snapped. The fact that they walked a linebacker out on Mizon meant it was likely man coverage too.

When the ball was snapped Jacksonville threw a changeup and actually dropped to linebackers to pick up any crossers and to spy Burrow. Burrow clearly wanted to throw a wheel route to Tyler Boyd but it just was not there. Uzomah had set a pick early so Boyd could rub off of it with his release.

Extending The Play Should Be Coached Too

Once Burrow bailed on the three man side and rolled out to the other side. Uzomah did what all good players do. He kept playing and extended the play. The jags linebacker #44 Jack Myles latched on to Uzomah but couldn’t stay with him. Burrows found Uzomah and the Bengals are now 3-1.

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We chose this play for our All 22 football play today because of how important it is for you to install a scramble drill in your offense. Extending the play is not just based on a quarterback’s elusiveness and a little luck. It is also something to be coached. Click on the play drawing to watch the play.