Boots, Nakeds & Waggles

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 24, 2022

Moving the QB outside of the pocket is more of the norm than exception these days. Did you watch the games this weekend? Having a solid passing attack off of your run game is critical and some of the most simple, basic plays are Boots, Nakeds & Waggles.

All 8 teams, even old men Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers got out of the pocket enough to move the launch point. That launch point was often down field. That’s what we want to look at here.

Defenses do a great job of reacting when they see bootleg action by the QB. They understand that normally there will be a route attacking the deep third with one or two routes underneath it. Your Boots, Nakeds & Waggles can be used to take a shot too.

This is why it’s always good to have a shot play or two on your call sheet even with your Bootleg pass series. Below is one out of a 3×1 set that allows you to check the discipline of the deep thirds corner or the deep half safety. You can protect it several ways but pulling the guard may give you the extra second you need to get the throw off.


COMES OFF OF THIS RUN PLAY: Inside zone weak

PROTECTION: Waggle (Offside Guard pulls)

PLAY: Waggle Strong 438 F Wheel

QB Action: Fake zone run and boot out opposite.




1. QB will ride the handoff fake for as long as possible while seeing the coverage.
2. QB will use boot action away as he goes thru his read progression.
3. QB must get his head around and look for targets high to low.
4. QB will stay on the move and break the pocket as he goes thru his read.
5. QB will progress thru the read always aware that running the ball is an option.

-The F will sell a vertical threat first before breaking to the sideline.
-The Z will use best release to get vertical and carry the DB’s to that side.
-The Over route will get depth gradually as he gains ground across the field.
-The Y is patient as he sells the back side block and will pin the DE late.
-The pulling Guard will fit outside of the TE ad protect outside in.