Bearcat Corner Fire Gets Home

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 5, 2021

Congratulations to the Cincinnati Bearcats for their undefeated regular season and a trip to the playoffs. They are a very talented team from to back on both sides of the ball. We want to highlight this coner fire that resulted in a sack last night. This was a beautifully executed corner fire blitz.

Houston had to think they were in good shape as Cincinnati showed a three man front with really only six men close enough to rush the quarterback. The tip or give away is the same one that it always is though. The boundary corner was cheated well outside the hash on the snap.

They showed a two deep shell and it ends up being exactly that. The problem for Houston was that it was a 2 deep fire zone with the corner coming off of the single receiver side. #1 timed it up perfectly as the ball was snapped. The Houston receiver was pointing but the communication never got to the QB.

The situation was 2nd and long so it was a great time to call this. The field linebacker mugged and this had the Houston center slide to the side. The back released and really had no one covering him but the damage was already done. This sack and great defense design is an example of how the Bearcats will be a handful for Alabama when they play att he end of December! Tap on the play drawing to see the video of this play.